A – Z I Like Animals: Trace Manuscript Penmanship

What a delightful way for young children to begin practicing penmanship! Written by a homeschooling mother of 5 children, Joy Marie Dunlap knows just what homeschooled children need and she delivers it perfectly.

A – Z I Like Animals begins with several pages of mazes (help sheepdog find his buried bone; help frog get to the lily pad) to assist young children in developing the hand-eye coordination needed for successful penmanship practice. The book slowly begins to incorporate capital letter tracing practice in between the mazes, starting with straight-line capitals (like T, L, I), moving on to slant-line letters (V, A, W), then rounded capital letters.

The student then moves on to lower-case letters: straight-line lower case, humped letters (r, h, n), circle-based letters, and diagonal-based letters.

From there, the student moves on to tracing sentences about animals for each letter of the alphabet. For instance, the sentences for the letter A are, “An ant ate the apple. It can not eat it all. It ran away.” Each letter is not only represented by sentences about a particular animal whose name begins with that letter, it includes a picture of that animal to color.

Frankly, I wish my I had had this book last year when I was teaching my two young daughters animal biology for science; what a great addition that would have been! – learn about koalas, color a picture of them, then practice penmanship by writing, “A baby koala kicked to keep on its mother’s back. I like koalas.”

I don’t know any young children that aren’t enthusiastic to learn about animals. A – Z I Like Animals is the perfect beginning penmanship book for them.

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