An Elegant Floral Alphabet: Flower Names from A to Z: Sentences about girls and flowers to trace and copy

An Elegant Floral Alphabet is a delightful way for girls to learn and practice D’nealian style cursive.

This e-book, written by homeschool mother Joy-Marie Dunlap and her daughter, Jennaya (who was 15 at the time), approaches traditional handwriting practice in a unique – and uniquely feminine – way: each letter is practiced by copying and writing sentences about both a flower and a girl, each of which have names that begin with that letter. For instance, the letter F is practiced by writing the sentence, “Francessca finally found five frilly fuchsias.” The letter V uses this sentence: “Vanessa vivaciously visits every violet.”

Each sentence is first traced over the sample script; then, the sentence is copied on lines directly beneath the tracing.

Each section includes beautiful black and white illustrations of flowers for the girls to color, word puzzles (such as unscrambling a word that begins with the particular letter or seeing how many words can be made from a given word), uplifting Scriptures, and full-color Victorian-style illustrations of flowers, gardens, and bouquets.

In fact, the entire book is visually stunning. With its soft, appealing colors and smooth, perfect script, it’s difficult to imagine any young girl resisting handwriting practice with such a book to work in (my daughters certainly couldn’t). An Elegant Floral Alphabet is sold only as an e-book, which, while it may give your color print cartridge a workout, has the obvious advantage of being printed page by page as needed for all the young ladies in your family.

Pair An Elegant Floral Alphabet with a copy of The Secret Garden, a couple packets of flower seeds, a children’s gardening book like Sunflower Houses by Sharon Lovejoy, and a local wildflower guide and you’ve got yourself a unit study that would be hard to beat.

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