Differentiating Reading Instruction: How to Teach Reading to Meet the needs of Each Student

To think that children can successfully learn a life changing skill (such as reading) in a cookie cutter method of instruction is unthinkable. But that tends to be what happens in the mainstream school system. As homeschoolers, we recognize the individual learning styles of our kids and have the liberty to tailor the instruction appropriately. My 3 boys are perfect examples – I used different techniques to teach them, and they achieved their milestones when they were ready. How exciting it is to have a chance to review this book, as it recognizes the need to individualize reading instruction to meet the needs of the traditional classroom students. Differentiating Reading Instruction is primarily written to the classroom teacher, but I still found the book’s information helpful. One thing I wholeheartedly agreed with was the author’s impressed importance regarding “read-a-louds”. She states,

“Reading aloud every day-poems, stories, and books you love-transmits to your students the passion and joy you have for reading. Reading aloud strengthens students’ listening skills and also tunes their ears to the music in our language, and their minds to the visions the text conjures up.”

We’ve always read books aloud as a family, and also have a book on tape available for car rides. I’m sure that practice has helped turn our boys into the voracious readers that they are.

The author also discusses much more in the 300 pages such as journaling, book review guidelines, routine assessments, small groups, and lesson plans for various grades.

If you know any teachers in the public/private school sector, be sure to pass this title on to them, it is a great resource for individualizing reading instruction to all students, and offers strategies to assist and motivate the struggling reader.

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