Fairy Chronicles: Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel

The focus of Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel is Lenox Hart, a homeschooled friend of Beth (the Marigold Fairy), Jennifer (the Dragonfly Fairy), and Grace (the Thistle Fairy). Lenox’s special fairy gift is a light she carries inside her; the light not only is a source of brightness and inspiration to everyone around Lenox, but, as she finds in this book, is the source of something even more powerful.

While on spring break, the young fairy friends attend an emergency fairy circle meeting at which they learn from an enchanted black squirrel that an evil goblin has cursed all squirrels where he lives with an irreversible curse. The curse causes a disease that will cause the extinction of all squirrels. To make matters worse, after the squirrels are wiped out, the curse will slowly extend to all forms of life until it reaches mankind. The only way to halt the spread of the curse is to feed all dying squirrels with blue moon clover. The head of the fairy circle, Madam Toad, places Lenox in charge of the group of fairies that must track down this elusive clover.

Lenox, as well as her other young fairy friends, are wonderful girl characters: they are optimistic, respectful, obedient, and strong without being white-washed saps. I must admit that Lenox is my favorite of the fairies, probably because she is homeschooled! However, all of the books in this series are creative and compelling; they give the perfect amount of detail to interest young readers without overwhelming them in superfluous description.

Like the other Fairy Chronicle books, there is a brief section following the story containing additional information related to the tale. In this book, young readers can learn about chameleons and blue moons.

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