Homeschoolers of color

Homeschoolers of color

When Dotty Barco’s oldest son, Caleb, began to struggle with third-grade math, she remembered the statistic she’d run across while writing a college paper.

According to the National Urban League, black male achievement begins to decline as early as fourth grade. Blacks continue to fall behind through high school, in test scores, grades and dropout rates. Fewer than half of black males graduate in four years.

“In fourth grade, African-American males drop to the bottom — we can’t find them anymore,” said Barco, a former public school teacher and mother of four boys. “I knew fourth grade was coming, [and] I couldn’t have my son be a part of that.” Read more…

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  1. I’ve often thought that those best served by homeschooling would be people of colour, of different minority cultures, of low income…All the people that tend to get forgotten in the public system or have their views and beliefs submerged in the fake idea of diversity that reigns in public schools (Diversity of colour but not thought).

    I’m really glad to see this happen and I hope to start seeing a more diverse (truly diverse) group of homeschoolers locally.

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