Homeschooling voices from the past

Homeschooling voices from the past

Apparently Mother Earth News had recently posted their entire archive of articles online. I found a few old articles onthe nascent practice of homeschooling
Two Generations Of Home Schooling from November/December 1980 and Home Schooling from August/September 1993. They are very lengthy articles and I haven’t finished reading yet. But I expect a lot of familiarity and maybe some big differences. For one thing, homeschooling wasn’t widely accepted or even heard of yet. And both these dates were before the internet was on most people’s radar.

The decision to teach me at home was not an easy one — Mother and Dad discussed the options for more than a year before finally reaching it. You have to realize that, at the time, this was uncharted territo ry. In those days before home schooling was a cause célébre — complete with its newsletters and national associations—nobody taught their children at home. The only exceptions were those kids whose parents were stationed overseas, lived far in the backwoods, or were born to millionaires who hired personal tutors for them. Read more…

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