Is homeschooling a wise move?

Is homeschooling a wise move?

From Times-online in the UK. Generally a positive article. I never knew, they seem to have similar problems in the UK (as in the US) with too much testing.

Imagine a summer term with no exams, no revision to force your children to stay indoors , no dangling of Asprey carats as a reward for 11 A*s at GCSE.

For the growing number of parents who teach their children at home, part of
the pay-off for opting out of formal education is a stretch of golden
afternoons, when lessons can be taken in the garden and there are no pesky
tests to take the shine off the summer.

The novelist Michelle Magorian, who for the last nine years has taught her son George, now 14, at the kitchen table of their home in Hampshire, freely admits that one reason she turned her back on schooling was her alarm at the way the system examines pupils almost to destruction. Read more…

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