The Adventures of Drew and Ellie chapter books

In the first book of the “Drew and Ellie” series, The Magical Dress, the mild-mannered siblings discover adventure through the magical powers of a beautiful dress. When 4-year-old Ellie puts on the sparkly white hand-me-down, she’s surprised to find the dress can make her wishes come true. Forget a million dollars or a cupboard full of candy, humble Ellie wishes for her missing doll, string cheese, and later a trip back to the lake for herself and her 7-year-old brother, Drew. The fun at the beach turns to fright when they can’t seem to get the dress to transport them back home. The kids manage to keep their cool under pressure, and use teamwork to help them out of their dilemma.

Drew and Ellie are the epitome of good children. They are role models for good manners, kindness, and meekness while demonstrating a strong sibling bond. Kids who like The Magical Dress will be glad to hear there are more adventures for Drew and Ellie. In the second book, The Daring Rescue, the kids pack up for a trip to the mountains (again courtesy of the magical dress). They race, look for pinecones, and have a great time exploring until Drew finds himself in a precarious spot. Ellie gets a chance to use her wits to come up with a rescue plan. In the third book, The Missing Medal, Ellie celebrates a birthday and Drew is entrusted with his grandpa’s prized Eagle Scout medal. He is thrilled to show it to his friend Sanjay, but soon devastated when the medal turns up missing. Drew learns the importance of keeping a promise and what it means to be trustworthy.

If you are looking for an easy reader with ideal family values, this series will be hard to beat. You’ll be glad to know you can read these sweet books and not have to worry about filtering through anything objectionable.

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