Evolution: The Grand Experiment

The atheists have been chanting the mantra “Evolution is science, creationism is religion” for so long that even a lot of people who call themselves “Christians” apparently have been deceived into believing it. However, the scientific facts can be interpreted and understood either from an evolutionary viewpoint or a creationist one. In other words, evolution, as commonly presented, has not been, and most likely cannot be, demonstrated absolutely as a fact. It is simply a theory designed to explain the facts. Dr. Carl Werner does a great job of demonstrating this from a scientific standpoint in his book Evolution: The Grand Experiment. In twenty chapters, Dr. Werner discusses from a scientific standpoint such subjects as spontaneous generation, acquired characteristics, natural selection and chance mutations, similarities, the fossil record (including invertebrates, fish, bats, pinnipeds, flying reptiles, dinosaurs, whales, birds, and flowering plants), and the formation of DNA, proteins, and amino acids, showing how each has been used to “prove” evolution and how each can be explained from a creationist view. While Dr. Werner encourages the reader to examine the evidence for himself and reach his own conclusions, it is clear to me from the information, which he presents that the evidence available in fact supports creationism. The book is well illustrated with gorgeous full color photographs, drawings, and charts to help the non-scientific reader visualize some of the rather complex subjects that are being discussed, and the text is written so that the average person can understand it. There is a teacher’s manual with student objectives, class discussion questions, and tests to help children retain the material. And there is an accompanying set of DVDs. I do believe that Evolution: The Grand Experiment will be a part of Jeremy’s seventh-grade science curriculum next year.

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