Teacher’s Union: Homeschooling = Educational Anarchy

Teacher’s Union: Homeschooling = Educational Anarchy

They actually officially declared this in court.

“The California Teachers Association … decided to file an amicus brief arguing before the court that parents should have no right over the education of their children, should not have a right to home school, and that these children should be literally forced to be put back into the public schools — even though parents object,” the attorney explains.
Dacus did a double-take when he read one specific charge made by the teachers’ union. “In their brief, the teachers’ union said that to allow parents to be able to home school without being credentialed teachers could result in ‘educational anarchy,'” he shares. Read more…

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  1. They did us a favour. Some of us love the idea of being educational anarchists and there’s even a badge floating around. that’s the danger of labeling homeschoolers – we might take it and use it to our advantage! :D

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