Dreams From My Father

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I will admit that I was among those Republicans early on who were intrigued, almost swept away, by Obama mania. His oratory skills, his charisma, his down to earth style had me almost believing that he could join our two warring parties and make everything all right again. Knowing this, my husband nestled Baracks autobiography in with my valentine’s gifts last February. With great eagerness I began to read and at first I was totally absorbed. I loved Obama’s writing style and his honest reflections. But as I turned the pages I began to find myself asking that old commercial question, “Where’s the beef?”. It was an interesting story but after I got well past the middle of the book I found that he was, in fact, just like thousands of successful social activists, idealistic, self-reflective and magnetic. But what else set him apart? The fact that he is bi-racial? Or that he did not know his father? That he was raised by his grandparents? No, these are common experiences for many Americans. Instead of revealing what kind of leader Obama would be, the book seemed a very long and winding story that never really found its point. I was let down, not by the style of the book (Obama does all his own writing and it is very good), but rather that, in the end, I knew so little of his political views on any subject of importance. On one level I can recommend this book as a well written, easy to read story of a young man finding his way. But if you are looking for guidance as to how to cast your vote, I suggest you skip this book and go on your knees.

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