Parents’ Rights / Childrens’ Rights

Parents’ Rights / Childrens’ Rights

So this columnist at least takes a stand for parent’s rights… as long as those parents register. At least she’s trying.

OK, deep breath. Here we go.

I haven’t written about homeschooling since April 13, 2003.

At that time I wrote that homeschooling is, to me, an odd educational choice. I don’t understand why a parent would choose to separate a child from the rich and varied world that a public school offers, or shelter them from the very society that they will ultimately have to live and work in.

After writing that I received 350 e-mails from homeschoolers, 348 of which were royally peeved at me. I was harshly taken to task for my lack of intelligence, which most said was probably a result of my own public school education.Read more…

UPDATE: I just noticed Spunky has a great response to this issue on her blog.

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