Socialization Snobs

Socialization Snobs

Don’t let the “adult language” scare you away from this one. The language in question is a quote from a teacher’s blog, recounting a conversation she heard via 13-year-old kids!

Note: This column includes adult language.
Ask any homeschooling parent why they homeschool, and you’re likely to receive as many different replies as there are families. Some of the common reasons include religious freedom, academic improvement, one-on-one tutoring and increased family closeness.
But for us, the single biggest reason we school at home correlates to the single biggest criticism homeschoolers get: socialization. Yes, it’s largely due to the “socialization” children get in public schools that convinced us to homeschool.

The scene she describes of homeschooled kids interacting is exactly what I witness at our group events and co-ops.

Everyone associates with everyone. Teens dandle babies. Twelve-year-olds play gentle tag with 5-year-olds. If one child gets snarky with another, there are five or six moms (as well as older kids) around to see the bad behavior and instantly correct it, so it seldom gets out of hand. Manners are expected and reinforced. This is the breeding ground for homeschooling socialization. Read more…

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