The Twenty People You Meet in Hell

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Judi Ludwig is also the author of another book, It Was Never About Books: Conversations Between a Teen and Her Pastor. Her first book is a subtle, autobiographical story, which lays the foundation for the transformation of a troubled teenage girl through conversations with her minister while helping arrange his library. Its aim is helping other young people avoid the kinds of situations that led to her own troubled youth. Twenty People You Meet in Hell is not subtle. It is a frank, straightforward attempt, using scriptural principles, current events, and personal illustrations to encourage people, including those who are young, from pursuing a destructive lifestyle. Ludwig tackles such relevant, and sometimes controversial, subjects as adultery (along with divorce), drunkenness, homosexuality, idolatry, murder (including abortion), and magic arts. However, she does not stop with the repulsive, overt sins of the world but she also deals with the more “respectable” sins of many who profess Christ, such as envy, greed, lying, selfish ambition, and the unforgiving. Please be advised that this book will not necessarily convince atheists that God’s way is best. However, for those who will accept arguments from scripture and faith, it should be helpful in understanding what God’s word says about these things. In today’s relativistic, “live and let live” world, many people would call this book “judgmental.” The author replies, “They are absolutely correct; it is judgmental. However, God is the judge. I am simply the messenger.” And what are her qualifications for writing this book? “Because I was once the chief of sinners and one of the people you would meet in hell, having been in bondage to many of the sins discussed in this book.” While Judi does not mince words, she does offer hope to those who want the Lord to change their lives.

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