College-Prep Homeschooling: Your Complete Guide to Homeschooling Through High School

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Maybe I started a little too early, but I was thinking of preparing my first born for college before he was born! I read him books, played him Mozart through headphones, and after he was born I put up one of those stimulating mobiles over his crib. As he got older, like about 4, he was reading books such as The Hound of The Baskervilles, and A Wrinkle in Time (a good choice for developing scientific thinking!). By the 3rd child I was lucky if dinner got on the table, and my thoughts of college prep were of the “How are we ever going to afford it” mentality. Now that my oldest is starting 8th grade, I’m chewing my fingernails in nervous anticipation. How can I really do this, teach him high school? This is serious business; I could screw up big time. I’ve got to buckle down some and unrelax my relaxed nature. Or do I? According to the Byars in their excellent book College-Prep for Homeschooing, Your Complete Guide, I’ve not done my children any harm at all! I’ve actually done a good job preparing them for college. I’ve focused heavily on reading good books, writing, and math, which they recommended. My sons have had outstanding scores on standardized tests, even this past year when an illness caused me to back off and they were forced to be independent in nearly all subjects. This book is a great guide for those desiring their children to pursue the college path. The authors have homschooled their 6 kids since birth, with 2 of them already in college. They have put this handy resource together, and have filled it with sensible, thoughtful, and wise advice, all neatly organized so you’ll feel like they are literally holding your hand through the high school years. They recommend you have a plan, get your kids to be self-motivated, teach them how to find information, know what your state requirements are, and keep good records. Then execute and evaluate. So if you’re kids are serious about the college path, check out this book, I think you’ll agree it’s a must have.

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