Day three Jimmy’s stars

Day three Jimmy’s Stars:

This is my last day blogging on Jimmy’s Stars, Mary Ann Rodman’s middle grade novel set during World War II. (See my review on day one and my Salmon Pea Wiggle recipe yesterday.) I thought I might give you a few “reading comprehension questions”. If you’ve read the book, let’s see if you can answer these…

  1. Who did Ellie get in a fight with in chapter one?
  2. Why did Ellie get in this fight?
  3. What is Jimmy’s nickname for Ellie?
  4. Give an example of the lovely lunches the kids brought to school.
  5. What was the Christmas present Jimmy gave Ellie?
  6. What are the words to “Mairzy Doats”?
  7. What happened that made Ellie trash Toot’s room (chapter 26)?

If you can’t answer a question feel free to email me and I’ll send you the answer.

Jimmy’s Stars has some great vocabulary words:
Here’s a partial list your students can review.


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  1. Wow. I missed this post. And day, two. I had the wrong url, I guess. I just kept opening up the book review page. sorry. This is a great post. Thanks. I would have highlighted it on the blog tour site if I’d known about it.

    Next tour, I’ll know better.

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