Deciphering home schoolers

Deciphering home schoolers

From GetReligion,org.

Most of the California print media covered the state’s Court of Appeal’s decision to reverse itself regarding the legality of home schooling under the state’s laws. In general the coverage was fairly spotty.

A rather significant holding of the case (that parents have a “constitutional liberty interest in directing” their children’s education that is balanced against the state’s “compelling interest” in protecting children’s welfare) also received little coverage. (See here The San Francisco Chronicle’s coverage which mentioned it in a single paragraph.)

Not much discussion was given as to why religion was a factor in this case other than briefly mentioning that the family involved in the case home schooled for religious reasons. The most significant gap in the religious coverage of this decision had to do with the characterization of the home schooling family in question. See here how the Mercury News portrayed the family: Read more…

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