Fairy Foals: The Journal of a Magical Garden

Fairy Foals is a unique and beautiful book. Part diary, part sketchbook, and part fairy tale, Fairy Foals is the fictional first person account of Suzanah Rose Williamson’s observations of the very unusual creatures in her garden.

On her 40th birthday, Suzanah receives a curious wooden box in the mail from her long-lost Grandma Agnes. The box contains the key to the country house her grandmother once owned. Suzanah moves to the house and, while exploring the 10 acres of garden included with the property, discovers something very odd in a spider’s web—a tiny foal with beautiful, butterfly-like wings. She soon finds that there are dozens of the beautiful creatures living in the garden, and she spends a great deal of time watching them.

Throughout the book, Suzanah records the appearance and characteristics of each of the fairy-like foals: the names she has given them, their personality, and details of the games they like to play together. Each fairy foal has its own section along with a delightfully written poem.

Fairy Foals is lyrically written and wonderfully imaginative; however, its most striking feature is the exquisite illustrations that adorn every page. Some are pencil sketches, some are miniature paintings, and others are gorgeous full two-page spreads. Each one is a masterpiece of serene beauty; they are the kind of pictures you could look at repeatedly and never get enough of.

Fairy Foals encourages readers to be attentive to the details of the natural world around them, and is a perfect fit for any young ladies who are interested in animals (particularly horses!) In fact, don’t be surprised if your daughters suddenly express an interest in keeping nature or art journals after getting a look at this book!

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