McCain on Homeschooling

McCain on Homeschooling

I didn’t get to hear the Saddleback interviews myself. (Anyone know where I can hear or get a transcript?) I ran across this quote from McCain that mentions homeschooling:

The candidates were asked about paying schoolteachers based on merit. Obama had some wishy-washy answer. McCain’s response? “Find bad teachers another line of work.” Pastor Warren interjected and accused McCain of replying too quickly. McCain shot right back, “Can I just say choice and competition, home schooling, charter school vouchers, all the choice competition I want….home schooling works, vouchers in our nation’s capitol works….New York City is reforming….New Orleans now has over 30 charter schools in the city and guess what? It’s all coming up…what kind of opportunity is it if you send them to a failing school?” Read more…

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  1. I think you can watch on, or at least get a transcript. But watch if you can, McCain was impressive!

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