The Big Book of Bible Questions

This book is a fun way for parents and kids to practice and affirm their basic Bible knowledge. Each two-page spread in The Big Book of Bible Questions contains four questions based on the Bible stories young children learn first. For instance, there are separate sections with questions about the creation of the world, about Jesus’ parables, and about different major people in the Bible, such as Noah, Solomon, and Daniel. Each question is followed with a brief, uncomplicated answer that is simple enough for young readers to peruse on their own.

While most of the questions are perfect for kids—Who sold Joseph into slavery? Who fought a lion with his bare hands? What instrument did David play? Some of them are more of a challenge and may require a bit of memory work and a quick flip through Scriptures to answer.

The illustrations from the Italian artist Paola Bertolini Grudina are a real treat. Each spread includes one large picture as well a small picture beside each question. The colors are all soft, soothing shades of pastel with no harsh lines or angles.

I love to use this sort of book for a game we play at the dinner table called Bible Questions (so original, I know). My husband, children, and I take turns going around the table asking each other questions like the ones found in this book. Another, more difficult version involves us asking each other which person or event came first in Bible chronology. It is always a learning experience, and often humbling, particularly when your child gives you a question that you can’t remember the answer to! Either way, The Big Book of Bible Questions is a great tool for reviewing your Bible knowledge, as a family or on your own.

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