Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure

Twins John and Phillipa seem like normal tweeners – that is until their wisdom teeth erupt by their 12th birthday. While under anesthesia during the teeth extraction, both children experience a dream visitation from their eccentric Uncle Nimrod. He appeals to them to come spend their summer with him in England. Their parents agree and shortly upon their arrival Nimrod explains to them those strange phenomena that have begun to occur around them is in fact related to their peculiarity from the normal population. They are Djinn, like their mother and Uncle Nimrod. Once they pick their jaws up off the floor, the twins begin their Djinn education.

This book is pure fantasy. It’s a fun read, and takes an interesting poke at these “I dream of Jeannie” like characters. In this excerpt the author explains the origin of the djinn.

The laws of physics in the universe rule out the possibility of things just happening. Nothing is a matter of pure chance. When the universe was created, man was given dominion over the earth, and the angels over the heavens, and the djinn over the two, which some men have called fate. Fate often seems like a matter of pure chance. But it isn’t of course, it’s luck and it’s controlled by the djinn. Good luck is influenced by the three good tribes of the djinn. And bad luck by the evil tribes. There exists a perpetual struggle between the two. A very fine balance which we call the ‘homeostasis.’

The Akhenaten Adventure is a fun, fanciful read, and the siblings have a mutual respect for one another, having to work together on several occasions to get themselves and even Uncle Nimrod out of trouble. One thing to mention, the children, because they are “genies”, are attracted to smoke, and Uncle Nimrod likes cigars. Otherwise, unless you have a dislike for this type of fantasy, there is nothing objectionable.

The Children of the Lamp series continues with Book 2

Blue Djinn of Babylon, Book 3 Cobra King Of Kathmandu, and Book 4 Day Of The Djinn Warriors.

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