Get the Blog Buzz Widget (beta)

Get the Homeschool Blog Buzz Widget (beta)

Since we added Homeschool Blog Buzz to back in 2006, it’s become one of the most visited areas on our site. We hope it’s helped introduce new visitors to the many contributing blogs and further the “buzz” about homeschooling.
Some have asked me to provide a graphic for links but more recently Jocelyn suggested a widget. Although I’ve been unable to find the motivation to create a graphic, the widget was the kind of challenge I enjoy. So here is a cool widget anyone can put on their blog. It displays the most recent 10 headlines from Homeschool Blog Buzz.
I don’t have a suite of 40 computers to test this on various operating systems and browsers so we’ll call this a beta and I’d appreciate it if you tell me if you run into any problems. I know it works for Mac OSX with Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, Safari. Windows XP with IE6 and Google Chrome.

UPDATE: Sorry about the hiccup. It seems to work now.

Simply copy and paste the code below into your blog template html.

5 Replies to “Get the Blog Buzz Widget (beta)”

  1. :) Glad you got to make this. I will be adding it to my blog! Thank you for the resource the blogwatch has been!

  2. You mentioned you wanted feedback so I’ll provide mine.

    I like the idea of the widget but I prefer the headlines the way I’ve been getting them so that I can customize the look of it.

    I’d like the widget better if it could be customized, the green and yellow are too bold for my tastes.

    Have you thought about a new logo? Maybe something with a bee?

    :) I still love Homeschool Buzz.

  3. I like it! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add it to my blog, as I’m on, which doesn’t allow javascript widgets.

  4. Very cool! I’ve added it to my blog. A question: is it supposed to be clickable (like if someone clicks on it, it will go to the buzz site)? Mine isn’t. Also, I’m with Jessica on wishing the colors could be customizable.

  5. YES, It’s supposed to be clickable. I will look at it on your site to see what went wrong. (That’s why I call it beta!)

    I do plan to eventually come out with colors and a wordpress version of this widget. One step at a time. Get it to work first, then we will customize.

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