Homeschooling: When Parents Replace Teachers

Homeschooling: When Parents Replace Teachers

MIAMI (CBS4) ― It costs between $17,000 and $22,000 a year to send a child to private school in South Florida. That high expense has prompted families to choose other educational options such as homeschooling or the public system.

Mary is on her second year homeschooling her 10-year-old daughter Candy, who used to attend private school. She’s a trained educator, explaining to CBS4 Reporter Gwen Belton, “She takes art with my husband, and we work with computers.”

Her husband, Ralph, is an independent cartoon illustrator.

Mary added, “The economic situation that we had last year was, you know, definitely played a role.”

The Cabreras are a growing trend of parents trading in the classroom to teach their children at home. Read more…

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