The Call to Brilliance

I cannot remember ever having included a review for an introduction to a book but in this case the author of that portion, Joseph Chilton Pearce, captures the theme so succinctly yet beautifully that it seems necessary. Not only does he do his job of leading the reader to look forward to what is to come but, in and of itself, it is a confirmation and challenge to those of us who have chosen to home school. One quote (among many) that I particularly liked is

“By following the passion of the child rather than forcing the child to adapt to the consensus reality of the culture, the child begins to learn from life as it is rather than life as the culture believes it to be”.

Although this book is about education in general and not home schooling in particular, it seems perfectly suited to guide us and confirm our choice. The author has a passion for teaching children that was born not only from her own personal disappointments as a child, but also from her own observances as a long-time educator. Between her own insightful narration Resa Brown quotes many great minds in this field, like this one from Dr. James Hillman:

“We dull our lives by the way we conceive them. We are voyeuristic and bored. We get excited over media sex and romance, while leading day-to-day lives devoid of passion. Our barometers are set to everybody else’s standards”

It is impossible to capture the width and depth of “The Call to Brilliance” in a short review. Quite simply it is the best book I have ever read on how to educate our children in the way God intended them to learn. It is a book that shows clearly what humans are capable of if they are only given the chance to reach potential. It is both a memoir of the authors five decades of experience and a guidebook filled with wonder and possibility. This is a book to purchase, not borrow, to highlight and take to heart. And it is a clarion call to bring to this generation a sense of brilliance so lacking in today’s world.

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