17 Kids will fuel culture wars

17 Kids will fuel culture wars

Another flabbergasted reporter cannot understand why anyone could actually love their children enough to want to be with them and have more. The topic is the Duggar family and the soon to be 18 children they have.

Whatever its other intentions 17 Kids and Counting has the potential to keep the culture wars raging along. This series, being shown Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC, follows a round of specials documenting the daily logistics of the Duggars of Tontitown, Ark., the evangelical Christian family of a couple named Jim Bob and Michelle, who during the course of their 24-year marriage have produced 10 sons and seven daughters, spread out in a 7,000-square-foot house with nine bathrooms.

The Duggars have been the subject of fierce debate online, where liberal women often condemn their choices as reckless and conservative women defend their patience and commitment as inspirational. Read more…

2 Replies to “17 Kids will fuel culture wars”

  1. She's amazing. The family is amazing. God is amazing!

    I am glad to see they can financially support all those children.

    That show show be piped into every welfare & food-stamp office in America to remind our entitlement recipients that with Faith comes blessing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!!! I did not know they had a weekly series. I love watching their specials and I’m sure I will enjoy this also.

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