Aunt Sarah’s Alaskan Cookbook

Homeschooling mom and writer Cheryl Moeller has put together an eclectic mix of recipes in this interesting e-book. Being a lover of the Last Frontier, she has taken the regional cuisine and turned out an authentic and “cool’ collection of recipes. Her book is conveniently arranged into 6 chapters: Beverages, Berries and Fruit, Salmon and Fish, Game Meat, A Dog Sled Race Party, and Banquet of the North. Some of the recipe names include Pastor’s Polar Pasta, Moose Stew, White Mountain ice cream, Fish tacos, and Jack London Berry Scones. I love the originality of this cookbook, and the recipes look doable and delicious. Well, except maybe for the Barrow Buttermilk Grilled Rabbit, somehow eating Peter cottontail doesn’t seem appealing to me.

This cookbook is a lot of fun, and a great resource for wildly new recipes. Combine it with some Alaskan facts and you have a quick unit study. The author is even using the Dog Sled Race Party as the theme for her daughter’s birthday party. Sounds like a great idea! The e-book is available for immediate download at Curriclick.

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