Carnival Of Homeschooling: Doggie Edition

Carnival Of Homeschooling: Doggie Edition

Hosted at Melissa’s Idea Garden. I thought of making a comment about the carnival going to the dogs but there are some great posts and Melissa has done a great job.

I always enjoy hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling. It gives me an opportunity to pick a topic that is near and dear to my heart and intersperse information and pictures about it with interesting homeschool posts. A big thanks to Janine and Henry Cate at Why Homeschool for starting The Carnival of Homeschooling way back when! If you have never visited their site, be sure to check it out for great articles and information how you can submit to future Homeschool Carnivals.

Now on with the show…today, the topic is going to be something which is currently near and dear to our hearts…puppies! Well, dogs, not just puppies. We have recently adopted a sweet little Irish Setter and we will be adopting a companion for her in just a few weeks…a cute Goldendoodle. I hope you will enjoy learning about these breeds and others! So grab a cup of coffee, because there is lots of great information here! Read more…

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