Choose from 3 FREE e-books this week! (October 9 – 16)

Choose from 3 FREE e-books this week! (October 9 – 16)

Author Cheryl Moeller is offering three of her e-books for free. All you need to do is send her an email and let her know which book you want and she will send you a coupon-code. If you’ve not tried e-books yet, here’s your chance. Below is from her blog:

Email for a free code to get my three e-books for free on, Aunt Sarah’s Alaskan Cookbook by Cheryl Moeller, Homeschool Your Preschooler on $1 a Day by Cheryl Moeller, and Lexi’s Homeschool Diary by Cheryl Moeller and MacKenzie Moeller. Please specify which book you would like for free, when you email me at Read more…

2 Replies to “Choose from 3 FREE e-books this week! (October 9 – 16)”

  1. What a great opportunity Cheryl has extended. I recently received Aunt Sarah’s Alaksan cookbook and love it, I highly recommend folks take advantage of this offer!

  2. I just got an update from Cheryl…
    she informs me: “I have had 25 people write to me and I have given out 25 plus books so far.” Wow, that is awesome!

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