Diamond of Darkhold

In this conclusion to the “Ember” saga, Lina and Doon obtain a mysterious book that prompts their return to their old city of Ember. Once into the city, they stumble on some unexpected “hurdles” which include a family of roamers, which of course puts a damper on their plans. Doon gets taken prisoner, and learns about the “Diamond of Darkhold” the roamers have in there possession. Lina manages to escape with plans to bring back help. Both children face more challenges that require some quick thinking.

Having read and reviewed City of Ember, but not the sequels The People of Sparks or The Prophet of Yonwood, I can say put me at a slight disadvantage. There were a few plot lines I was confused by, but only a few. The author tried summarizing most of the main points of the series, so that a new reader could pick up Diamond of Darkhold and enjoy it as a stand-alone story. But, it would be better to read the prequels first. There is a strong focus on character development, and the story flows from several of the character’s different points of view. There is some action with the adventure, and the author places an emphasis on teamwork, creative thinking, and the acceptance of each other. Tomorrow I will continue my review with some discussion questions.

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