Much Improved Blog Buzz Widget

Much Improved Blog Buzz Widget

Those of you brave enough to try the beta Homeschool Blog Buzz widget had a few issues. I now improved the widget.

  • Does not require javascript on your site (WordPress and Typepad!)
  • Will not slow your site down
  • Widget appearance is now more consistent across sites.

Copy the code below and add it to your website today.

UPDATE: How to add the widget to WordPress

If you have an up-to-date installation of wordpress, this should work.

  • Go to your wp-admin dashboard and click on the Design tab, then click on Widgets.
  • In the list of widgets, scroll down to the Text widget and click Add.
  • On the right column, you should see a Text widget appear. Click on Edit and paste the code above in the box.
  • Click Change to save the widget and Save Changes to update your blog template.

That’s it! Visit your blog to see the change.

3 Replies to “Much Improved Blog Buzz Widget”

  1. OK. Sorry, I’m now working on a typepad version, wordpress version (if that’s possible) and eventually, color choices. I’m determined to make this work on as many blogs as possible. Bear with me. I hear now this might not work on homeschoolblogger. Anyone?

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