Saving Christmas: The Adventures of Drew and Ellie

Drew and Ellie are back for a Christmas adventure. In Saving Christmas, the siblings learn that the holiday is not just about getting, but about giving selflessly – an important message I also try to role model for my boys. Just like its predecessor, Saving Christmas teaches sound moral values and reinforces positive sibling relations. Each book supplies a challenge for the kids to work through. Here, their new friend Maya loses her favorite Christmas toy in a small house fire. Using her magical dress to help her give “in secret”, Ellie gets the opportunity to put into practice the message of the book, it is greater to give than to receive. In the process, she also gets a chance to practice being brave. Depending on the skill of your reader, Saving Christmas is short enough to be read aloud in one session, or stretched out over several nights for an independent young reader. Since my boys have graduated to harder chapter books I’ve passed my Drew and Ellie books on to our 5-year-old neighbor girl, who absolutely loves them, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy this one just as much.

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