School’s Out: Rachel Yoder, Always Trouble Somewhere Book One

I can’t believe for a minute a little Amish girl could possibly be any trouble! Having visited Lancaster County recently the Amish we met and observed were all hardworking, serious, dedicated, and disciplined kind of folk, even the children. Rachel Yoder is probably more like a “behind the scenes” Amish girl. She still displays all the good qualities, but kids will be kids and Rachel is no exception. She doesn’t get into trouble on purpose, it just seems to follow her, and the mischief is mild – a soiled dress, a stinkbug on her chicken drumstick, a lost hair bonnet, and a dropped jar of pickled beets.

What Rachel does is bring us face to face with the Amish as she serves as an adventuresome eyepiece into their different world.

The author begins with an overview of the Amish beliefs, and includes a glossary of terms that are used in the book. Again, from my own visit to Amish country I can see the author has done impeccable research and writes a believable, palpable story. This series is quaint, and Rachel is a spirited as well as cherubic character, often offering up little prayers whenever she finds herself in a jam. I didn’t think her behavior was anything out of the ordinary from a girl her age, Amish or not. This is an attractive series for parents looking for wholesome books for their girls. The series continues with: Back to School, Out of Control, New Beginnings, and A Happy Heart.

The author has also penned The Brides of Webster County and Sisters of Holmes County series.

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