The Conservative Handbook: Defining the Right Position on Issues from A to Z

The Conservative Handbook is a discourse on hot-button issues by radio talk-show host Phil Valentine. Based on his A to Z list of conservative principles he posted on his website, this book details Phil’s plainspoken conservative ideas and what led to his convictions. He uses anecdotes, quotes and data to build his case. Leaning conservative myself, I found it reaffirming and compelling to see how the author arrived at his conclusions and the logic behind his arguments. However, even if you are not squarely on the conservative side of the fence, this book may help you to understand a conservative viewpoint. It even may cause you to re-think your own beliefs.

For each issue he compares what happens when conservative principles are followed as opposed to liberal positions. This assessment of Reagan’s triumph over the Soviet Union is typical:

The eggheads scoffed at the notion that Reagan could destroy the Evil Empire. Yet when the Soviet Union crumbled, they all proclaimed that it was such a surprise that no one could have predicted it. Someone, in fact did predict it. More than that, he engineered it. That man was Ronald Reagan.

Whether you’re a conservative looking for an affirmative, enjoyable book or someone who just wants to peek into the conservative mindset and understand what may now seem puzzling, this is the right book for you.

Phil Valentine’s website

The ABC’s of Reality in America

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