32 third graders and One Class Bunny: Life lessons From Teaching

I have to say Phil Done does an impeccable job putting us in his teacher’s shoes in his heart-warming book, 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny. In this collection of humorous anecdotes, short stories and real life adventure, he captures the essence of teaching young children. I only have three in my classroom and I know the sorts of things my guys try to get away with, imagine having 32 – you bet he’s got stories to tell. And he tells the good, the bad, and the in-between with a commendable candor and admirable wit. He writes well, and does a fine job in keeping you reeled in for more. Here’s an excerpt I was particularly fond of:

There are certain moments in teaching I call Teacher Moments. They are the special moments that make it all worthwhile. They are golden. They are few. They come unannounced. And you have to listen very closely, or you might miss them. When Cameron pulled his mother into the classroom after school, picked up the Cat in the Hat and shouted, “Look mom, I can read!”-That was a Teacher Moment. When I closed Treasure Island and they all screamed, “Don’t stop!”-That was a Teacher Moment too. When Jack, whom I had suspended three times during the year, would not let go of me on the last day of school, that was a Teacher Moment.

I can totally relate, being a homeschooler I have had my teacher moments too, and it’s what makes the hard parts all worthwhile. This is a must read for any teacher. You will feel you’ve found a kindred spirit with Mr Done, and you’ll recognize someone who understands, and shares from his heart with warmth and a genuine honesty. Forget the coffee mug, or the juicy red apple – get this book for your next teacher’s gift.

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