Duggars not his cup of tea

Duggars not his cup of tea

Large families seem more irritating to some people than even homeschooling. Here’s an writer from therecord.com that is completely befuddled about the Duggar family.

How you feel about 17 Kids and Counting (8 p.m. Saturday on TLC) — latest in a craze of human oddity reality shows imported from the U.S. bible belt — will likely depend on how you feel about a family of evangelical Christians who figure it’s God’s will to procreate like crazy, quote bible scripture at dinner, ban TV from the home (except, presumably, this show) and forbid their kids from kissing members of the opposite sex until they’re married (at which point, presumably, they become reproductive automatons). Read more…

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  1. “This is Sarah Palin country, folks, a left-wing nightmare where the past 50 years of scientific and social breakthroughs somehow failed to take hold…”

    How on earth did they work Sarah Palin’s name into this?? As if Palin being in office would force everyone to have 17 kids and live like the Duggars. The author is really stretching for a stereotype.

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