Homeschool Blog Awards Winners!

Homeschool Blog Awards Winners!

I don’t know how I missed this. I know I checked their since Monday. No, we didn’t win in either category. BUT, Jacque says we are NOT losers.
Seriously, check out the voted (and vetted) best homeschool blogs of 2008.

The Homeschool Blog Awards Winners!

We interrupt this program to make some important announcements:

First of all, I read a comment by one of the “non-top winners” who called herself a loser. I resent that remark. :) Even though she made it herself. I will tell you, there are SO many good blogs out there. We want to bring you the top ones, but sometimes, the most obscure blogs are so very good and personal too! So, just know that you are ALL WINNERS in our books here at The Homeschool Post. Read more…

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