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Rime to Read is a virtual reading program for beginner readings. It consists of 20 books that use “rime” (words that rhyme and look alike, such as sit, hit, lit). Only single syllable short vowels are introduced, along with 46 popular sight words. The books can be read on-line, or printed out, or both. It is a very convenient method for those who have young learners that are just starting on their reading pathways.

There are many different ways to teach reading, I have found that using a combination of methods worked well with my boys. I used How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons and “rime” books such as this website offers. You need books that reinforce words, and books that aren’t too hard for the child so he develops the confidence needed to build his reading skills, which Rime to Read does. Why rimes and not phonics? According to the authors of the material, it is because rimes are easier for children to hear and discriminate.

The rimes in book one are pat/cat/rat/bat/sat used with sight words and/a/the. Each book teaches between 4 and 7 new rime words. They also offer a click the rime word and it is sounded – a nice bonus for the children who get stuck on a word. The books are quaint – they tell cute stories and have gentle illustrations. The rimes are color-coded, with the new rimes and review rimes being in different shades of colors, the colors serving as a visual cue for the child. The words that are taught are also reinforced throughout the series.

Each child will go through this program at an individualized pace, and Rime to Read recommends mastery of a book before moving on to the next, but they also recommend waiting at least a day before introducing a new book, and no longer than a week.

I would have loved to have tried this out on my youngest, but I’m happy to say he is no longer a beginner reader! He did like looking at the books though, and as I suspected thought it was too easy for him. So, those of you who do have beginners, you can head over to their site and try the first book for free. If you choose to purchase, 4 books are $9.99 while the whole set of twenty is $44.99. Purchasing gives you the option to print out the books as well.

Visit the Rime to Read website.

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