The Missing Link: Found – Book One: The Truth Seekers Mystery Series

Not many homeschool kids can add to their resume “published a mystery novel”, but this young author can. Christina Gerwitz was just 14 when she started the Missing Link with her mother. The story is ablaze with action from the get go when a free fishing trip for the Murphy family ends up an unexpected adventure -a team of helicopter hit squad FBI agents hijack their boat (case of mistaken identity). No sooner do they recover when Dr. Murphy and his kids set off an archaeological dig, which leads them smack into a startling discovery that their cousin David believes to be the Missing Link. The Murphy kids (who happen to be homeschooled) get to put their creation knowledge to the test.

Here’s an excerpt:

He thinks he’s found the missing link…Dr. Murphy pondered, deep in thought. No wonder he brought in a paleoanthropologist. “Dad, tell him it can’t be true! Every supposed missing link that has been discovered in the past has been shown to be false, Neaderthal Man, Piltdown Man, Ramapithecus, and Australopithecus, also known as ‘Lucy’ to name a few.”

“All are valid. What are you talking about? David asked, “They’re in my science book. What about yours?”

Being a first novel, the mother-daughter team does a good job keeping your interest in the story. Knowing my own attempts at novel writing, this is no easy task! I love the fact that a teen was encouraged and guided to complete such a huge undertaking. And, I respect that the authors blended their Christian beliefs into the story. The Murphy family serves as Christian role models, who often pray when faced with a difficult situation. There is nothing offensive in the book, which is a rarity in children’s books these days. You can feel comfortable giving this book to your pre-teen and know he’ll be enjoying an action packed, educational story.

This story is a great way for your kids to do their own digging. What about evolution vs. creationism? How do you defend what you believe? And how do you handle when someone has a different belief than your own? Good questions to ponder.

Note: This book was published by Media-Angels, a publishing company dedicated to providing quality materials for parents and children. Along with two more books in the Truth Seekers Mystery series, they publish study guides on Creation Science.

Sequels: Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak and Keys to the Past: Unlocked

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