This is the Feast

This is the Feast

By Diane Z. Shore
Recommended reading level: ages 4-8

This gorgeous picture book tells through verse and illustrations the story of the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.  From the seasickness on the Mayflower, the battering storms, the excitement of land ho, to the perils and blessings of their newfound freedom, this book gives a vivid portrayal of what it might actually have been like for the pilgrims.

Land ho! America! World unknown a wilderness wild, a place to call home
That greeted the Pilgrims, fearful bur brave, who sailed off to freedom through wind and through wave across the Atlantic, so far and so wide.
“Thanks be to God, our strength and our guide.”

The illustrations by Megan Lloyd are robust and colorful, and complement the verses perfectly. The bright orange and golden hues on the gathering and feast days makes the harvest seem realistic and the Thanksgiving celebration feel so festive and fall like.  It is a beautiful book, and one to be enjoyed year after year.
Tomorrow I’ll have some links for your thanksgiving unit studies and recipes for some of our own favorite Thanksgiving foods, and I’ll have a list of all the other bloggers participating on this book tour.

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  1. I can’t wait to see your unit studies, been trying to figure out how to teach a bit about American Thanksgiving in our Canadian home.

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