Afflicted homeschooler works to helps others

Afflicted homeschooler works to helps others

Wayne sent me this story from his hometown newspaper about a homeschooled girl with cancer who started a Christmas present drive for hospitalized patients.

JONESBORO — Kelsey Harris had symptoms for just one week before she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February.

Doctors at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital removed what they could of the aggressive, fast-growing tumor, but she has been undergoing treatment ever since to keep the remainder from spreading. Currently, she’s traveling to Memphis one day every other week for chemotherapy, plus physical and occupational therapy appointments.

But not being one to complain, Kelsey started thinking about what she could do to help other patients, especially the ones who weren’t able to travel home each night. The 15-year-old decided that Christmas presents for the hospitalized patients and those too sick to come home for the holidays would be the perfect project.
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