Crayola Art Studio

Create your own masterpieces with Crayola Art digital Studio. This software allows students to explore and design with different medium – use crayons, change to paints, switch over to spray paint, use fine pencils, markers, charcoal pencil, or even chalk. It is so cool how real the effect looks! This art CD mesmerized my 8 year old. He loved being able to switch between the different tools, and plot complex shapes with their line design feature. What an impressive draw and paint program, and it is appropriate for all ages.

After installation you can take the quick start tour that orients you to the program. You’ll want to do this to see all the different features the program offers, like creating colors by mixing on the palette, using their shapes tools, the stamps. My son enjoyed incorporating the stamps into his artwork. He also LOVED the really cool mirror image effect. As he designed a pattern it created a mirror image on the opposite side of the page. There is so much here to keep your budding artists busy for hours. It might be neat for the kids to design with the digital tool and try to replicate what they’ve done with the real markers or crayons and compare the two? The software also has the ability to import photos, scans, or web graphics, but I wasn’t able to do that with my very old dinosaur virus filled PC – I’m a Mac user and unfortunately, this software is not compatible with the Mac. That is my only disappointment with it. You PC people will love this! The current price for this software is $24.95.

Core Learning, the publishers of this software has many other educational titles to offer.

They state their mission is to “provide effective learning solutions for the development of fundamental knowledge and skills. Its primary focus of skill development is in areas that both support higher order thinking but also provide important life skills.”

I did take a look at a couple of their other demo programs – the first being math and language arts. I have to tell you though I had a hard time evaluating this software not because of the software, because it did its job and worked fine – it was my clunky PC that would not cooperate well for reviewing PC only software! I did my best for you all.

The math demo contained instruction on factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, word problems, and more

The lessons start with an onscreen instruction time, then you print out a worksheet to practice what is learned, and finally a quiz can be taken and immediately graded. The quiz was quick (5 questions). The ambience was a bit sterile, and is comparable to a text or workbook approach. So, if you don’t mind the absence of the bells and whistles some software programs contain this software is worth checking out. The English grammar works in the same format as the math. The demo covered one of 7 units – “more parts of speech” which were adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

The demos were easy to use, even with a grumpy old PC. Also to note the programs to keep track of your usage via a log, and keeps track of quiz scores. Other titles you’ll find on their site are creativity/art, 4 core math subjects for elementary grades through middle, heath for kids and a family health series, and critical thinking programs. Shoot on over to their site to learn more – there is a lot there to browse through. you can try several of their programs though a free demo.

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