Intolerance re the Duggars

Intolerance re the Duggars

Here’s a post from Gawker that actually says that The Duggars raising 18 children is abusive or negligent. (As if it’s any of their business.) I suppose in this logic, having no children is the more noble thing to do. I could speculate on why this angers some people but I won’t.

That crazy Duggar family from the reality show 17 and Counting was on the Today this morning. Because mom just gave birth to baby number 18. Why are we encouraging these people? Read more…

2 Replies to “Intolerance re the Duggars”

  1. The Duggar family certainly is NOT abusing nor neglecting their children. Their children’s behavior is impeccable and testifies of their excellent parenting. I don’t know of the Gawkers, but the same says enough in itself. Maybe they haven’t taken the time to really know the Duggar family.

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