Love a Child with Autism? Homeschool

Love a Child with Autism? Homeschool

Sometimes parents have to do so much work to help their child get an education, it becomes clear they can do it better themselves.

After years of struggling with IEPs (individualized educational plans), advocacy, parent-teacher meetings, and paperwork, I realized I needed to actually hand Tom’s teacher the curriculum that worked for him. I needed to create the “communication forms” on which the teacher could describe Tom’s needs and successes. I needed to check, every week, to see whether the aides were bothering to escort Tom to band practice (as the ONLY special needs kid in band, it was a bit of a struggle to be sure anyone noticed him – even though he was the best clarinet player in the group!).

Finally, it became crystal clear that we, his parents, could do a far better job of teaching Tom than anyone else. And by golly, we were right. Read more…

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