The Raucous Royals

In this stylish 64 paged hard cover book, Carlyn Beccia takes a look at royal rumors, and examines which are true, which are false, and which are simply unknown. She explores royalty dating all the way back to the 15th, through early 19th century. With a strong tongue in cheek humor she entertains us with such questions as Did King Richard III murder his nephews? Did Queen Anne Boleyn really have 6 fingers? Was Prince Dracula a real vampire? Or how about King Louis the XIV, did he take only three baths in his life? She gives you a host of interesting royal trivia to ponder. It took me a while to get my hands on this book because my sons (11/13) devoured it. They even made me settle an argument over who got to read the book at bedtime! Part of the appeal to them is the colorful, plentiful artwork, which is right in line with a medieval feel. Every page is adorned with the beautiful illustrations, most of which poke fun at some aspect of these rowdy royals. The book is great fun, and it’s interesting and enlightening to get the royal lowdown and these infamous folks.

The book reads like a trivia game, where readers can make their own speculation and then turn the page to see if their hunch was correct. The dialogue is witty, and here is something I learned about Henry VIII from the book:

To hide his expanding girth, Henry began wearing padded clothes with puffy sleeves. Out of respect for the kings, everyone at court started wearing padded clothing too, and a new trend was born. Fat clothes!

The Raucous Royals will keep readers of all ages busy deducing, cracking codes and solving mysteries. Each page is different with little tidbit and factoids and the humorous scenes of art. The author includes in the back information on how readers can do their own research on rumors to see if they are true or not. There’s a lot here to keep even a reluctant reader entertained, we give the book two big thumbs up.

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