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Have you been wanting to make chore charts for your kids and haven’t gotten around to it? I know I’ve been thinking of making a laundry chart so my guys can be independent in doing their own laundry. But, I just never seem to get around to doing it.

Thankfully someone else has! Trigger memory system has come up with not only A laundry for kids clean n’ flip chart, but also a Bedroom Cleaning, and a Zone cleaning one. These charts are so practical! They provide easy to follow pictures and are appropriate for all ages – even husbands!

Each chart is a handy 5X7 spiral bound size that contains illustrations and clear directions. The Laundry for kids has all the steps methodically laid out, starting with gathering and sorting clothes into whites/colors/darks, to washing and drying, and folding, sorting and finally putting away.

The Zone cleaning booklet guides your kids in cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Each zone is color-coded and can be written on with the provided dry erase marker. Steps are simple, and clearly stated. There is also room for the parent to write in additional chores.

The Bedroom Cleaning for kids should solve your messy bedroom problems. The first step is to make a messy pile and then sort into correct baskets (clean clothes, toys, books, and miscellaneous) and then put away. That step is huge – if you can get everything in its rightful place, a big portion of the mess is cleared away. Our rooms are too full with junk, and it has to go somewhere other than strewn across the floor! There is also a simple step by step to make the bed.

It is so important to teach our kids independence, and these practical charts will help do that. So instead of yelling at the kids to go clean their rooms you can hand them the chart and smile and say here, follow these easy directions! It should take care of any whines or complaints that they don’t know what they are doing. With these Clean ‘n’ Flip charts, the jobs have never seemed easier.

“>When I looked a Times Tales by trigger memory systems, I was skeptical it would work for my 8 year old. He hadn’t started multiplication yet and I just assumed he wouldn’t be ready to. He was still just doing simple addition and subtraction, and Math is his least favorite subject. Well was my assumption ever wrong. This method worked almost immediately. I was floored! My son was reciting his 3 and 4 times table after just two half our sessions. Let me tell you how it works.

Through the use of mnemonic aids and a simple story, the child is presented 3, 4,6,7,8, &9 times tables. The publisher claims most children start learning their tables in just two 45-minute sessions, and seeing is believing, it worked just as they said it would! Each number is represented by a symbol, with the number incorporated into the symbol. 3 is a butterfly, 4 is a chair, 6 is a 6 year old, 7 is Mrs. Week, 8 is a snowman, and 9 is a tree house. Then, the multiplication facts are taught using these symbols and a story. For example, 6X4 is presented as the 6 year olds playing musical chairs (the symbol for 4) for 24 hours. Yes, the story is silly, but that helps the child remember. And, when you ask him to recall the fact, he will see in his minds eye the 6 and 4 and remember they played for 24 hours.

As you read the stories and learn the symbols, the math facts are assimilated into the child’s memory and the use of the mnemonic works as a trigger to later retrieve the information. It isn’t even necessary to tell your child that he learning a times fact, it’s just necessary to learn the stories and discuss them together.

This is a phenomenal, and fun program. It is simply perfect for those beginning multiplication, and useful for those kids who haven’t mastered their harder times tables. And, it sure beats rote instruction!

The program comes with a flip chart of stories, and easy step-by-step instruction manual, a roll-em cube game, flash cards, and bonus division flash cards. This really is a marvelous find, and I can highly recommend it as I saw it work wonders for my son.

More on the product from the publisher’s website

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