Are homeschooled children more vulnerable?

Are homeschooled children more vulnerable?

The UK children’s minister, has decided to launch a review of home education in the UK. Her goal of justifying some sort of regulation is clear. Bureaucrats cannot stand the idea of anything happening outside their control.

“…The main reason for deciding on home education was the social environment in modern schools. We did not want our children subjected to peer pressure and pressure from teachers. We do not believe the school system produces nicely-rounded, happy young people.”

Mrs Ouston is speaking out in the wake of children’s minister Baroness Delyth Morgan decision to order a review of how the 55,000 children who are taught at home or who have dropped out from school this week are treated. This however was overshadowed by the baroness’s remarks that parents could be using home schooling to cover up neglect, abuse or forced marriage. Read more…

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