DAVID: Shepherd, Psalmist, Soldier, King! Audio CD

In this audio CD the story of David is told through 31 songs (one hour length). With scriptural quotes between the songs, children will hear of David’s conquests, trials, and learn more about his life as a “shepherd, psalmist, soldier and king”. The music is mostly a children’s choir with some solos, with piano and other instrumental accompaniments. This is certainly an effective approach to teaching God’s word. I believe children memorize scripture and facts better when the object of memorization is set to music. The songs are short and easy to learn.

I don’t think you will recognize any of the 31 songs (I didn’t), as they are all new. Some of the titles include I’m spending Time Now, The Lord Said Unto Samuel, When David was Camped, and David Had Rest from his Enemies. The musical style is broad, includes Congo drum tunes, American traditional, Scottish folk tune, and traditional.

The CD reminded me of a VBS performance or a Children’s pageant performance, a really good one! It is sure to put a smile on your face and get your toes a tapping! I enjoyed one little tune called “We the Sheep”, it was really catchy and kept me humming long after I turned the music off.

David is a fascinating, important biblical figure and my kids and I enjoyed hearing about his life through this music, and we all appreciated the diversity of songs. The CD is $9.99 and available at the bible story songs website. There you will learn that Bible Story Songs is a music company “started by two grannies who discovered that kids can learn about the Bible easily and effectively by singing!” The have other several other bible CD’s available.


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