Homeschooling increases

Homeschooling increases

Several media outlets have picked up this story about the increasing number of families homeschooling.

”We wanted to identify the parents who are part of the “unschooling movement’ and added the item for that reason,” Mulligan says. The ”unschooling” group is viewed by educators as a subset of home-schoolers, who generally follow standard curriculum and grading systems. “Unschoolers” create their own systems.

The category of ”other reasons” rose to 32 percent in 2007 from 20 percent in 2003, and included family time, finances, travel and distance. This suggests that the demographics are expanding beyond conservative Christian groups, says Robert Kunzman, an associate professor at Indiana University’s School of Education. Anecdotal evidence indicates that many parents just want their children to learn at their own pace, he says. Read more…

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