Is Homeschooling Evangelical Share Dropping?

Is Homeschooling Evangelical Share Dropping?

…and who really cares? The headline from US News and World Report “As Home Schooling Surges, the Evangelical Share Drops” claims a drop in evangelicals while citing contrary statistics as evidence. They neglect to mention modern homeschooling started as a liberal anti-establishment movement.

It doesn’t really matter who is homeschooling. That’s the point. I can teach my kids completely different methods and topics than your family. It’s about the individual and the family. Not “the movement.”

The Department of Education report, which finds that 83 percent of home-schooled students’ parents cite “providing religious or moral instruction” as one reason that they home-school—up from 72 percent who said so in a 2003 survey—would seem to suggest that evangelicals could be responsible for much of the growth in the movement.

But experts say that the home-schooling scene is diversifying and that the evangelical share of the movement is actually shrinking. Read more…

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  1. I agree- who cares whether or not evangelicals or Catholics or atheists or Venusians are home educating? We do it because WE CAN.

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