KinderBach (website)

KinderBach is a bright and fun interactive music theory and keyboard/piano introduction program geared toward preschool children. The online program that I reviewed combines professional video instruction and printable PDF’s (there is also a DVD format as well as a classroom music curriculum available). The instructor is a bubbly, smiling lady who has a couple of friendly sidekicks, Do-dee the donkey and Frisco, a young boy who help out in the lessons. My son who reviewed this with me was a bit on the “old” side (nearly 8), but he enjoyed himself, I think due to KinderBach’s professional quality. He zipped through the first level (there are 6 levels with 10 lessons each), and was always excited to see what was next. He enjoyed the sing-a-longs and playing the new concepts he was taught on his own keyboard. No, we don’t have a piano, which is just fine for this program; a keyboard is all you need.

One thing I loved about KinderBach is it starts at square one. It assumes the child has had little or no music theory instruction, and a parent needs no musical background as well. But I think the highlight of the program is how much fun it is. Your kids will have a great time as they learn note reading, rhythm, singing, and later on composition. There are multiple games, puzzles, and playful sing-a-longs. Some of the songs included tunes like “Oats and Beans”, “Little Tea pot”, and train songs. And, there is enough repetition to reinforce the learned material. This is so perfect for the younger ones, because it does combine all the learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) for a well-rounded teaching experience. Kinderbach will capture the attention of even the wiggliest in your bunch!

There is a no risk trial offer, but I can’t imagine a little one not liking this program! My son is the wiggly, rambunctious type, and he sat still, engaged by the lessons, even though he was over the recommended age limit. He recommends it for pre-schoolers because “it’s fun, and easy”. It was interesting to note the founder started the program because she couldn’t find a piano teacher willing to take her young children who were 4 and 7 at the time. Perhaps you find yourself in the same boat, if so, this might be right for you. Be sure to see for your self with a stop over at the KinderBach website to try it out for free.

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